This Valentine’s Day, bring more intimacy into your love life through design!

If you want to keep your relationship close and your love fires burning, spend time around one another at the start and end of the day to keep you grounded and communicating. Our increasingly busier lives demand that we make a conscious effort to build intimate time in, which we can foster through the thoughtful design of our shared spaces.

For me, it is when we begin and end our days that my husband and I share precious time and feel closer. If we didn't share a dressing area and bath, we would never see each other (I don’t care how good your man is on an iPhone, he cannot text and brush his teeth at the same time!). It is important that these areas are tactile and gorgeous and that they are free of the clutter and chaos of the world around us. They should have an element of fantasy or romance to them, and everything that you encounter should draw you in and feed the senses.

I am dedicating the week to intimacy in the master suite… Lets amp up the amour in our bath, dressing room, and bedroom, both for Valentines Day and every other day! Throughout the next few days I will be sharing my favorite photos of inspired spaces that do just that, tips on how to make it a space that supports you both in your relationship, and my personal recipe for a sensual bedroom. Stay tuned!



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